Monday, January 28, 2013

Music Matters Monday: She Drives Me Crazy

So, this happened....a tweet-ersation with @DaleAnnePotter :) ...

...which led to an idea... I am going to start --> Music Matters Monday. 
Why Music Matters?
Music does matter. To me. It always has, ever since I was a wee gal. Not just listening to my parents albums, but also throwing myself on the sofa with the album covers reading all the lyrics & picking my favorite words. I used one of Jethro Tulls songs as an English writing project when I was in the 5th grade.
Music Matters. It makes me happy. Even the sad, gloomy songs. It's a warped kind of happy, but I'm not picky about it since those happy moments are so fleeting.

I have an eclectic taste in music.
And when I'm alone I will listen to it all. 
But when the family is all together, most of the time it's on Christian music or Jazz or Classical.
...or the Kiddos playlist...which includes a couple of pink floyd tunes, naturally. ;)

It's rare when I want or need the tunes off. But there are those times when I can't be bothered with anything...not even music. But even when I'm in a weird, noiseless place, music me.

Now, why Monday? 
Because It's starts with the Letter M, lol ...and because I'm attempting to make Monday non-lame ;)

Moving forward with that....
Like I said in my tweet with Dale, a lyrical journal has been on my mind since forever. 
Not sure why I haven't created one until now, but that's neither here nor there at this point.

On Mondays, my goal is to share an AJ page & a song that may or may not reflect it. lol
There's no particular rhyme or reason to any of this except to satisfy my being.

Welcome to Music Matters Monday!

Taking it back to late 80's!

Fine Young Cannibals
"She Drives Me Crazy"

Thanks for dropping by! 


Sunday, January 27, 2013

She's back in the atmosphere!

Hey friends!!
Are we still singing Auld Lang Syne?? ;)

I have neglected the blog a wee bit already this year.
We are 3 weeks in and I feel like a complete failure because I have not been more productive.
I think I read to many blogs that were teaching how to make your blog stand out, how to get more readers/followers, how to take your blog to the next level. whatever that means.
My blog isn't spectacular, I own that. I'm not really trying to make it be. (should I be?)
I don't have a business I'm trying to promote, I don't have much to offer except the occasional art journal spread or what I found on sale or groovy tunes I adore, a casual inspiration or something that's annoying me.   lol

With this blog, you get just a little piece of me. NO refunds! ;D

All that being said, I am aiming for consistency this well as commitment. Not just in blogging stuff, but in all aspects of my ups n downs.
We'll see what that brings! :)
And despite the feelings of inadequacy yet again (hate when that happens!), I have managed to pull myself up by the bootstraps & am pressing forward.

So it's Sunday! 
Sunday is my least favorite day. It's the beginning of a new week; official end of the weekend.
I've been known to shed a tear because Sunday came too fast, lol....

Today wasn't awful. It was a 6. A smidgen above half way great.
I played a bit in my art journal, I napped, I showered, I worked, I bought some groceries...
Typical stuff.

Here's what I'm sharing with ya play-time!

Because I used molding paste, I started this page on Saturday & allowed it to dry over night.
...finished it up today.
What I used:
Strathmore sketchbook
dylusions spray inks in: pure sunshine, lemon zest, vibrant turquoise, black marble & cut grass.
I also used some of my home-made sprays: green (india ink/water mix)
letter stencil
chevron stencil/mask
black soot distress ink
acrylics inks: yellow & black
india ink: golden yellow & black
 torn piece of scrapbook paper from mambi sheets
gelly roll (stardust series, I think)
white sharpie poster paint marker

full page:

light molding paste: TEXTURE! baahabaha!

brave and bold...
embrace change...
don't give up...

If you read through this entire post, you are golden. :)

Hope your Sunday is exactly what you wanted it to be....
Thanks for stopping by....
Here's to starting Monday BRAVE & BOLD!


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Twelve in 2012

I realize we are 5 days into 2013. I really wanted to do/post this on Jan 1 but didn't make it.

My Twelve in 2012....
just some highlights...or...not so much :)

1) Started Art Journaling & Project Life
2) lost weight
3) Celebrated (or not) my 37th birthday
4) Survived another SoTx summer
5) Made weekly visits to my Mima's house for several months... & ate some fantastic meals:)
6) Colored my hair blue
7) Enjoyed another season of Jr. Football
8) managed to get my kiddos into private school again
9) Joined my first fantasy football league...and lost :'(
10) gained weight
11) Voted, cried 
12) celebrated  our 14th wedding anniversary 

2012 wasn't my favorite, by far...
but I don't count it all as lost.

Cheers to you & your twelve!

carry on, carry on...