Tuesday, November 27, 2012

One Hand In My Pocket

Well, that was fast!  November {Thanksgiving} came & went!
Onward to Christmas! Yeah?
I urge you all to keep your eyes peeled or you'll surely miss it!

I'm posting a couple of (3) journal pages that have transpired over the past few days.
It has taken me a weird amount of time to get them started & finished.
I have been pretty uninspired & unmotivated lately.
No Umph! No giddy up!
At all.
But although I'm still somewhat in an artistic funk, I did push through & I got them done today!
& I actually feel better for doing it. :)

Before the pages though, I want to participate in Artsyville's list it Tuesday, yeah!

This weeks suggested topic: BEEN THERE, DONE THAT

1) been to France, Switzerland & Italy with NO pictures to show for it.
2) proposed to the boy who stole my heart
3) gave birth to a 10+lber; I swear that epidural shot was a placebo of some-kind.
4) 3 tattoos
5) blue hair
6) drove STRAIGHT to Colorado from South TX - 22ish hours
7) moved 8 times in less than 13 years
8) ate an entire bag of wedding cookies by myself after high school graduation. non stop.
9) stayed home from school one day to watch all the Rocky movies back to back
10) busted my eye lid in a car accident, still have a scar

Now, the journal pages with some detail

Here I played with coarse pumice gel & clear tar gel.
I mixed acrylic w a scoop of the coarse pumice gel & slapped it on the page.
After it dried a bit, I put a layer of Extra Heavy Gel Matte Med
Then I mixed some more acrylic (cadmium orange hue) w the pumice gel & made circles
The purple is NOT mixed w the pumice gel but it picked up some of the texture from the orange circles.
Side note: page started with black stencil w dylusions spray
I mixed the clear tar gel with black acrylic and splattered it on the page. This was harder than I thought because it's pretty thick. But it was neat!
Bottom left is a tag that says REAL LIFE with washi tape.

the first layer is blue gift tissue paper
then I applied acrylics w a baby wipe, then dropped alcohol ink (citrus)
 washi tapes are the "flower" stems
left side is a strip of scrapbook paper & I journaled on it...(A. Morrissette lyrics)
Pens/markers: gelly rolls, nano-liner, sharpie poster paint marker in black
Also used stamps w staz on
Letter stamps w staz on: I'm Sane But I'm Overwhelmed (more A. Morrissette lyrics)
PS. Hard to write/draw over a tissue paper texture background!

I wasn't sure what was going to happen with this one.
Started w a couple of acrylic colors & india ink doodle.
Didn't come back to it until 3 days later,
Cut hearts out of scrap paper that I was using to test gouache paints, I drew inside them w nano-liner and outlined w oil pastels
stamps w staz on
stencils w red ink spray
red tag w tim holtz wordage that says: He Can Help Her Find A Smile

Although these pages are not my favorites, I don't hate them.
They helped me in pushing through this artistic funk I have found myself in lately.
I was consumed with reading blogs & looking at pictures for the past week+ that I found I wasn't actually DOING anything; I was merely hunting for inspiration. Most of the time I am successful at finding it among the art journaling stars but this time.....although everything I found was fantastic....it wasn't doing anything for me. It wasn't getting me excited or happy or hopeful...instead, I was feeling the complete opposite; almost discouraged, if that makes sense. So, I logged off the computer, put some groovy tunes on & just pulled out my stash & started messing around.
I know I am in a better place now for just DOING.

& what it comes down to, my friends, is that everything is just fine, fine, fine


{{Listening to: DWTS finale!! ahhh!}}

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Where Your Laughter Becomes a Cackle

We are now 11 days into November!
Down here in South Texas, I am desperately waiting for some cold weather. Desperately.

Anyway, for the past couple of weeks I have had no desire to art - anything. 

Just last night, I dove back into my stash, back at my desk....into my pens, tape & everything else!
But I didn't know where to start!! I kept staring at all my crap, thinking, UGH!!?

So....I went straight for the list ;D
Artsyville's List It Tuesday...
(which I hadn't done in a couple weeks, I think) 


All my fave lines listed here are from the movie REALITY BITES.  
I've only listed 5, but there def more :)

*I'm bursting with fruit flavor.

*Hello, you have reached the winter of our discontent. 

*You & Me & 5 bucks. 

*This girl is coo-coo for coco puffs.


*There's no point to any of this....it's all just a random lottery of meaningless tragedy in a series of near escapes. So I take pleasure in the details. You know, a quarter-pounder with cheese - those are good, the sky about 10 minutes before it starts to rain, the moments where your laughter becomes a cackle ...& I, I sit back & smoke my camel straights & I ride my own melt.

Happy November! 
And hugs, thoughts & prayers to all our friends on the East Coast.
I pray for you every day.


Can you turn it up please, please? You won't be sorry.

{{Listening to: Pandora:  HEART radio}}