Monday, July 16, 2012

Silent Lucidity

Visualize your dream, record it in the present tense, 
put it in permanent form...

Basically, I altered a hardbackbook and I'm posting a few pics of it.

Short sweet to the point. heehee.
Nah, the thought was in my head. I wanted to try it. So I did.
Sidebar: Is making your dreams a reality (no matter how big or small) that easy?

The phrase Make It Happen comes to mind ;) #goodtimes

(Yes, I hashtag even when I'm not in It's a Ktag in these parts 'round here.)

Back to my altered book:

I tore out every other page, then went back & tore out every 4th page. Then I glued every 2 pages together. LOL. Idk why that makes me laugh. and I don't know how I chose those numbers, but there you go.

 ^ this is the hardback. Story: when we owned a duplex, one of our tenants left this behind. I found it as I was cleaning & decided to read it. It was a pretty good book! The Ranch by Danielle Steele. Actually, I thought..."dangit I should have reread it before altering it! boo!" :)

^ here's the front after some mod podge, washi tape & scrapbook paper attacked it  

^ & the back 

^ flat view

The walls you built within come tumbling down & a new world will begin.

& here's a peek inside...

& for your listening pleasure - Silent Lucidity by Queensryche. 
This song. This voice. Takes me [way] back to ...#goodtimes ;)

{{Listening to: wait for it......Queensryche, mixed with some AIC}} 

Monday, July 2, 2012


Her parents threw big parties, everyone was there
They hung out with folks like Dennis Hopper, Bob Segar, Sonny & Cher

-Shawn Mullins

Well this week I embark on a highly anticipated journey. Kinda.
Every summer my parents take the kids for an entire week. We call it MPV camp.  
[Mamo Papo Vento camp]
My parents put together an actual schedule of daily activities to do with the kids.
It includes everything from snack time, craft time, feeding the zoo (horses, donkeys, turtles, fish, dogs n cats), swimming, devotional time, nap time (for Kamden). They are also planning a field trip of somekind.

I have ALWAYS been thankful and happy that my parents had me when they were 17 (lol.) *Not that I actually recommend having a kid at that age!*
(Maybe I should reword that to: I have always been thankful my parents had me when they were young)

When I was in school, my parents were the "coolest" parents. ;D Seriously, EVERYONE thought so. My friends were so jealous that my Dad was chopping wood for the band bbq while other Dad's could barely lift the ax. My Mom had the best hairstyles & prettiest make up application.  Friends were always telling me how neat my parents were...& how lucky I was to have them.  I agreed.

And I love that now they are able to keep up with & enjoy MY kids.  I'm grateful the Lord has preserved them all these years. 

Now she feels safe in this bar on Fairfax,
and from the stage I can tell she can't let go, she can't relax.

Here's a glimpse of some pages I did this weekend.

 & these are a couple of pages I did in my DD Inspiration Journal.

I am looking forward to the rest of this week. I plan on spending time with Adam, spending a little time alone, napping, playing with paint & whatever else comes my way.
But still....
I miss my kids faces.

everything's gonna be alright, rock a bye ;)

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