Sunday, April 29, 2012

She Is

I am not denying my age, I am embellishing my youth.
-Tamara Reynolds

It's the start of my week. Actually, my MONTH ;D
I got a birthday AND Mother's Day coming up! For the most part my family cooperates & puts up with my whims & my constant reminders of how it's MAY, it's MOMMY'S MONTH!

So, to my inner circle it is well known that I am not completely thrilled about the birthday thing. I mean, I am GRATEFUL that I have SURVIVED another year. (Thank you Jesus) But I am also perplexed by the whole getting older thing. Like, why it has to happen at all? lol. So for the past couple of years, I have been trying not to dwell on the number and just celebrate ME being a part of this God given life. Even when sometimes it feels like a miserable existence, I suck it up and move on. (after a good cry and a day in bed of course) :D  Growing old gracefully is over rated. I say kick & scream all the way out. lol. jk.

So in honor of me being alive for more than threeish decades I am going to do a RANDOM LIST OF ME.  I picked a random number, (ahem) THIRTY SEVEN.


1> I drive in circles for a parking to avoid having to parallel park.
2> I prefer clouds over sun.
3> Favorite color is Cobalt.
4> I want to go to Ireland & Australia really bad.
5> I stubbed my toe badly on a balance beam when I was younger & it's kinda deformed now.
6> I have ALWAYS wanted to be a bank teller. 
7> Childhood dream: back up dancer.
8> I like to write.
9> I asked Adam to buy me a laptop for my 30th bday so I could start writing. I got the laptop. I never started writing & I have regretted it every day for 7 years. 
10> I have always loved being an only child ...until recently.
11> The only other state I have lived in is Maryland. I enjoyed it.
12> If I could move to Austin, I would do it in a New York minute.
13> I inherited a portion of my Dad's artistic ability. I wish I had nurtured it & kept it up over the years. Just reconnected with it recently & It makes me happy.
14> I am my Mother's daughter. 
15> I used to fall in love easily. I got my heart "broken" a bunch. 
16> I miss twirling. Not so much teaching it, but actually DOING it.
17> I can eat salad for breakfast without thinking twice.
18> When I was 5 my cousin accidentally kicked me in the mouth climbing the monkey bars and it knocked my tooth out. When I was in Jr High a classmate was throwing pebbles around, one hit my tooth and chipped it. It's been chipped ever since.
19> I have 3 tattoos. One isn't finished.
20> I like the way flour smells. I will walk thru the aisle in the store even if I don't have to buy anything from there.
21> I cherish solitude.
22> I've been to Europe (switzerland, france, italy) I loved eating bread and cheese for breakfast!
23> Organization makes me smile.
24> I throw things away (or give/sell things away) a lot. Sometimes I regret it but most of the time I don't.
25> My favorite restaurant is Chili's, Cheddars is a close second, PF Changs is in 3rd.
26> I love calculators and keyboards.
27> Least favorite household chore: sweeping & mopping
28> I wish football was year round.
29> Groovy tunes/lyrics make me happy.
30> I stayed home from school one time to watch the Rocky movies back to back. 
31> I think beach air is the best air.
32> I don't have a lot of friends but the ones I do have are gems.
33> Crowds make me anxious & I try to avoid them at all cost UNLESS it's a concert. Then I will face my fear.  :D
34> I have spent $300 on a purse. (Miss those days!)
35> Dolphins!
36> Our kids names are not random. they are after geographical locations & with related meanings. (ok, that's not ABOUT me but it's BY me)
37> I love driving stick shift. 6 speed. manual. Whatever you wanna call it. I learned when I was twelve & I freak out that my daughter is now twelve!

Ok. That's a whole lot of me!!  Cheers to a new week & a small prayer the good Lord allows me to see the start of my 37th year :) 


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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Not All Who Wander.....

Nothing to say really. 
just a page I did earlier. :)

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Never Let You Go

If you haven't tried Laughing Cow cheese wedge spreads, you must.  Add it to your grocery list today!!
I am an addict by nature. (& it doesn't take me no 30 days to become addicted to something (form a habit) the way they say it happens. One day. One day & I'm hooked) Anything remotely lovely, I must have & have often. I have analyzed myself & my nature before & the only thing I can come up with is that if something puts a smile on my face or makes me feel special or good in any way whatsoever, I don't want to let it go for fear that one day it will all be gone, won't be available or... I die. :D Seriously. Case in point. I enjoyed my twenties so much (all the screw ups & good ups & everything in between) that I will cry because they are (seem) so far behind me.  (pathetic, I admit it.) In fact, just this morning I teared up talking to my hubby about something that had to do with my bday in 2 weeks. I told him I am jumping from 36 to 40 in 3 years.  I am NOT turning 37 next month. I am staying 36 til I'm not in my thirties anymore.  Oh yes, it's a whole thing. {Sidebar: a Switchfoot song just came to mind}

Ummm......I went from promoting cheese to my ever growing psyche drama. :D heehee!
 I think I want a sticker like this:
Too cute!

ANYWAY....BACK TO THE LAUGHING COW.  They come in these lil round containers. Made of light cardboard-y stuff.  They are kinda flimsy but the container is just to cute to throw away!!  So I re purposed it :D  It didn't come out as fabulous as I wanted it to & I think that's partly because of the round shape but it's a keeper I guess. I used washi tape. That's it.  It's nothing grand. But now I have a lil container of the cheese I LOVE using my fave ...WASHI TAPE!  & It can hold some lil goodies too. 


Sometimes I think I might need a "re purpose"...!
{Sidebar: A Blue October song just came to mind, love when that happens!}
Maybe I could just put some washi tape on myself & call it a day?!?! :P haha.
Eh. Lots of pondering going in my head today! :D

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Picking up Pieces

A couple years ago C.Leyva (aka bff) and I went to see Blue October (some totally rad musicians from Houston Texas) It wasn't the first time we had seen them.  (1st time = Austin) But this time they were coming a wee bit closer to home. Mission, Texas! Excellent! & what's better?  It was a couple days before my birthday. That's my world, J. Furstenfeld and Blue October came to deep So Tx to see me for my birthday. heehee :D
Thanks to Scrapping the Music, I was inspired to print a couple of pics from that concert and document it on a page. It was fun reliving the moment. & I think doing this page helped me pick up the pieces of my perturbed week. Really. =)
^ full page pic. the black torn papers to the left side (white writing) are lyrics to Picking Up Pieces off their Approaching Normal album. Love that song.
^ close up of Justin; & I love that lil Admit One sticker! (CB in back)
^What we saw? musical excellence manifested! heck yes.(Matt, Justin, Ryan)

Here are a couple of groovy tunes ;D

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Let the rain come down...

I could not be more unmotivated!! arrgh. Hoping the rest of the week shapes up!

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Not Just Any Sunday

And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. He is not here: for He is risen, as He said.  Matthew 28: 5-6

Today we will be eating lunch at my Mom's house. She always prepares such a delicious feast.  She is a culinary rock star!  Even with an awesome meal waiting ....all I wanna do is be lazy. I don't feel motivated for nothing.
Oh well, such is life :\

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Not Just Any Friday

Greater love hath no man than this, that man lay down his life for his friends.  John 15:13

Happy Good Friday!

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This is Now, Take a Moment for Yourself & Be Alive :)  Push yourself to the limit.....

This Is Now

 A Moment for Yourself

Inspired by thesmashbook -we were to use a quote, confetti and sprinkle technique. I had to make the confetti myself. Black plain paper & red glittered paper. I used smooch spray & some washi tape.
(Thank you, Chrystie, for the postcard and stamp paper & the smooch spray :)
I used a post card - addressed to myself from Donald Altman. He "said" 
To be alive is to totally & openly participate in the simplicity & elegance of here and now.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012


All good things must come to an end?!?  That theory is kinda true.... :(

Boo to SERIES finales!  I'm no stranger to having favorite shows come to a complete and utter end.  Guiding Light, As the World Turns, FRIENDS, Friday Night Lights, King of Queens.  Last night, another great show met its demise (or came to fruition, if you're a glass half full kind of person, lol). One Tree Hill. That was a bummer & I was sad. But, long live Netflix! :D It has the entire series to Watch Instantly - so when I get the fever again, I can watch, hehe! ;)

More somberly is when life comes to an end.  & for some people it happens too soon.  Today is the10 year anniversary of Layne Staleys death. (Coincidentally, it's the 18 year anniversary of Kurt Cobain's suicide. Yep they died on the same day, just years apart.)

I believe Layne was Grunge's greatest singer.  And no doubt the troubles he suffered were reflected in some of the songs he wrote.  But there was something he said one time that I found interesting...

there is no huge deep meaning to any of the songs, it was just what was going on in my head right then. We had good times, we had bad times, we recorded a few months of being human.

I kinda love that.  I think to him, the words were simple, about their lives and thoughts, no matter how solemn or hopeful they were.  That's deep enough for me :)

When the good things come to an end, I guess it becomes all about remembering....

"My bad habits aren't my title, my strengths and my talent are my title." - L. S.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Let It Go

Smashbook Prompt: One particular feeling/emotion; using pockets & a photo.

 Serene is a word/feeling that doesn't often accompany me on a day to day basis but it is something I try to achieve as often as I can.  
That beautiful pink flower is a photo that Adam took a long time ago.Inside the pocket are slips of paper. They represent a small range of things that help me to experience serenity.  Like, having a cup of coffee while the rest of the house is still asleep or rocking a baby to sleep, the beach air, watching the kids play together.  In the bottom right corner is something I stumbled across in a magazine: 
it's all in the details...the smallest touches take you from mundane to memorable.

Blue October

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Pictures of You

Eek! Art Journal Workshop thingy turned out a wee bit harder than I thought it was going to be!  I'm not sure why. It's a totally groovy experience but I think I spent too much time doing it. Or maybe that's normal?  Sometimes I think I think about it too much.  I am reeking NOVICE right now, lol.  Good times!

So the prompt was: Use a quote from work/home, the technique was Stamps and the Materials was Lists/Ephemera.

I didn't necessarily have a quote from home (or work) BUT....I did have a song lyric (surprise surprise!)
Since the beginning of the year (&since I began PL) I have been trying my darnedest to take more pictures! I am making an [extremely] conscious effort to document more of our everyday life. I {for the most part :D} have such a good time being around my kids all the time that I need to take note of it!  The kids have become accustom to me snapping semi-random photos. "Smile! Smile" or "Montana, stop making that scary face, just SMILE" or "Kamden, look this way, no ....over here!" lol.  "Savannah, stop covering your face!!!" :D [side bar: maybe THIS is why I love candid photos so much...I don't get enough cooperation otherwise lol]

During the PL journey (a short but enlightening one) I have run through some baby photos of the kids...especially Savannah, our firstborn. Amazing how a few photos can transport ya! And even more amazing how you can have a 12 year old baby :) *tear*  I have been saying to them "look!, at these pictures of when you were a wittle baby". They get a kick out of seeing themselves so small. And well, so do I. <3

Here's my creation.
Background is comic strip and crossword puzzle from last weeks newspaper. When I see that, I am reminded of Sunday mornings as a child....Dad doing the crossword and me reading the comics as Mom made breakfast...listening to Jethro Tull. *I completely cherish those memories, to this day I listen to classic rock (not Pearl Jam/Nirvana classic =\, but Genesis & Heart classic) on Sundays*
I used lime green acrylic paint (mixed w h2o) to color the newspaper. I used [hand torn] turquoise card stock for the stamp/words.  The stamps are Amy Tangerine's  Love Struck set. These are super cute!
I found some film negatives from a box of photos from High School graduation. I thought it would be kinda groovy to slap some in :) Gosh, it's been forever since I have seen or used real film cameras(s)!
The border is blue acrylic paint.
I hand wrote the Cure's lyrics to one of my fave songs EVER...
"I've been looking so long at these Pictures of You".

Ohh, I feel all gooey inside.

I'm kinda crazy about the tune. ;)

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'll Stop The World and Melt With You

Happy April 1 :)
The start of a new month has me writing a to-do list for the day. Since it's the start of a new week, the list a little longer than I would like it to be; especially since my loving family has been ever so generous with their yucky germs. I am now the proud owner of a head cold and sore throat. I am in denial that this could be the first signs of the flu because I absolutely cannot have the flu. It's unacceptable. To be bed ridden would be the worst thing ever (or the best? forced rest & sleep? um, what would the kids do on their own?? eek!)
Well, at any rate, here's my to do list for the day.

1) Project Life (PL) at least ONE layout. (I'm about one month behind so I would really like to get more than one layout done, but unsure how realistic that is)
2) Grocery & menu list for the week...not to mention the actual grocery shopping, like, going to the store! Blech!
3) Icad: this groovy lil project from Daisy Yellow that I am going to do with my Bff for the month of April. I'm excited about this!
4) Homeschool Review. This isn't all that hard & shouldn't take too long, but I have a habit of going to extremes, revamping when I really don't need to. So we'll see....
5) Art Journal Workshop: I signed up for this workshop last month and I've been counting down the days; it's finally here! Yay!  I should move this up to #1 or 2 heehee.
6) Clean floors - what???!? how'd that get on the list :P
7) Print a few more pics (to catch up with PL)

So there it is!  Can someone stop the world for me? :D
I'm sure I left off a couple of things, but I can't be bothered bc of this dumb headache and sore throat.  Here's hoping that I can bid the sickies farewell before they ruin me.

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