Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It All Comes Down To This...

So, the other evening I was plagued with a kind of feeling...a feeling that I was about to stumble across something peculiar and worthwhile.  At that moment, I decided it was time to buckle down and sweep the living room since it hadn't been done in about 4 days.  With 3 kids, a husband, a dog and a Me running around, 4 days is treading on scary ground (pun intended) :D I pulled out my broom and started the daunting task (I don't live in a huge home, we live in a townhouse so I'm not quite sure why I find this task overwhelming?!?)  All kinds of treasures are coming out from under the sofa, under the entertainment center and from behind the rocker.  After I turn a small corner of the sofa, I see it...my peculiar and worthwhile piece of ART!....Yep, a lime. Half a lime. (my third kid adores citrus!) I did remember cutting one for him and seeing him suck on it while he watched Pingu.  What I didn't remember was asking him to throw it in the trash.  So there it was....half a lime.....a petrified lime. Thirty-six years later, it has come down to this....a half dead, half alive piece of fruit . This piece of fruit that seemed to be hanging on for dear life was, once upon a time, a pretty, green, juicy, tangy piece of citrusy delight. But after days of sitting alone in the corner, it became shriveled, brown and half dried up.  Boy! the lessons we can learn from fruit, cleaning and ...well, a little bit of procrastination. My name is Kelli and somewhere inside me, I just might have something to write about :)  Enjoy!

{{Listening to: an oscillating fan. Surprisingly, television AND pandora are off!}}

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